Los Angeles Analytics Department (LAAD) is a series of speculative designs that critically examine what police surveillance systems make visible to their subjects. The project highlights aspects of information-driven policing that the LAPD chooses to disclose and conceal to the public, by envisioning what its public outreach programs would look like if they concerned its data analysis and surveillance services as opposed to its present focus on community relations. Each of the LAAD initiatives, like the Public Transparency Campaign here, concerns not just the efficiency of data analysis practices but also their public reception.

This work stresses the entanglement of data analysis, its regimes of visibility, and its public reception: data analysis is never absolutely concealed by a black box, but made visible through articulations of rhetoric, branding schemes, data visualizations and public outreach programs. Through the LAAD I aim to draw attention to the labor that communities and grassroots organizations must commit to visibilize what the LAPD keeps under wraps.